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Category: Role Play


  Class number one. you watch me arrive and the only thing you see is the chair. I walk and you watch me enter, anticipated by the sound of My boots on the wooden floor There I am, with that wide long skirt walking and you cant believe i will be your first boot lesson […]



I have always wanted to keep you adter class with Me and today I have the chance. you have been brought to Me so I could educate and punish your faults. The punishment is clear, you will be slashed with the crop after kissing it and you wont be allowe to see My boots today. […]


Dr Reinolds whipping contract (gif)

After all this days of visiting Her Doctor Reinolds finds out you need something more severe. She makes you sign a contract where instead of offering a conventional therapy you will get a whipping session. It makes you scared, a bit but at the end you sign. It will heal you because the obsession will […]


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