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Gloved booted smoke : you like to watch Step aunty and step step-mommy



you were previously asked to bring step auties favourite slim white cigarettes and here you are witht he commanded task. The evening has started very well.

We slowly remove a white slim La Vogue cigarette and Step Auntie places it in her mouth. We make sure you are close enough to see her delioucs lips wrap it, sensually just like you like it.

The heavy smoke makes y ou so vulnerable and submissive, you would do anything for us. Just anything for us.

Another good task for you, boi, would be to open your mouth and be an ashtray for Step Auntie and Step Step-Mommy will watch. I know you want to make Me happy.

Go on, open that mouth and be the good boi who makes Step-Mommy proud.

320 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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