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Double Milking for My husband


Dear fans : I have recently married a nice guy, My cameraman and today I prepared a surprise for him. He has a huge fetish for pvc and leather and today I have tied him to bed and invited Nella to have some with him. I made him film everything so you could see it. The clip starts when Nella arrives to our home and I ask her to dance sensually for him. I know very well and I am so ready to use her skills agains him. I want him to cum two times. I teach Nella shine how to do it with him, what to do and those secrets he had whispered in My ear in intimacy, he thought I didnt listen but I did.   I will start estinulating his genitals on top of the pvc sheets. I make him very hard so that Nella can continue. As Nella masturbates him I touch his chest and nipples, and like this we take turns, everytime making sure he is as erect as possible. we have fun with his stiffness and then I command Nella to make him cum. He must cum, he can't control or hold it back ! Nella wraps his cock with the bottom of her coat and wanks him until he is finished. Since I am not satisfied yet, I repeat exactly the same but this time we wear a leather outfit and use his leather fetish against him. The cum extraction si sensual and at the same time somehow humilliating .   We speak English and spanish !   16:48 485 MB MP4 HD 1080

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