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We are boot models wanting to sell these boots. We describe how the boots are important for each one of us. These are the best you haven seen in your whole life and we are here to make sure you are interested in them, we will do our best to convine you that these are the boots you want. After each one of us speaks about it - one in spanish and another one in English, we model and exhibit them in detail, we do not forget a single spot to show you. you have time to admire our legs wrapped in nylon and leather, as well as our bottoms. what a lucky day ! you wont have any other option different to take these boots home. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somos modelos y queremos hacerle publicidad a estas botas tan hermosas. En este videos verás como describimos lo que las botas step-son para nosotras y ademas por qué y como deberías acercarte a ellas. Modelamos y jugamos con tu mente, preso de tu fetiche y sabemos que no te irás a casa sin ellas.   8:28 171 MB MP4 HD 1080

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