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Zoom in zoom out leather wanking outfit


I invite you to follow Me, follow each movement I make as I get ready, dressed for the occasion. A long leather coat will wrap My latina body, a parif of stockings with seams and then the cherry on the cake : the boots. The coat's detail from close as I zoom in will let you discover every centimeter of it, each inch, like never done before. The zoom out of this video will give you a bigger pictures, a bigger pefect picture. Its a simple yet captivating video for the long leather coats lover, My fans and those boot slaves of course.   These perfects boot that make any boot lover shiver, will make you feel insanely good. It ends with a countback and you ending in deep ecstasy ! Lucky bastard ! POV VIDEO WITH SOME MONOLOGUE, A DIALOGUE WITH YOU !   9:05 min 214MB MP4 HD 1080

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