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your pain ,My pleasure


I know how much you love all that wanking and we both know know you need a change .It's time for a change, something deeper, something better. I welcome you to a new adventure. Things soon slip out of your control.I will trade your sexual impulses for some pain. The leather  tawse will give you a different rush of energy I will replace all that masturbation because you dont need it after all .Get naked, get on your knees before Me and obey.Take this pain and offer it as a tribute slave , and you will be rewarded  in an unique way. Hear the zipper of my royal leather catsuit slide down . My boots will be Fall in this teasing cycle where you will be drooling, literally trying to peek my wonderful body. you eyes will be amazed and your brain and body teased and punished.   Im loving this , slave, It really turns me on, well done. #leatherboots #backzipperboots #leathercatsuit #bootfetish #teaseanddenial   13 239MB MP4 HD 1080

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