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Wellies Worship Prisoner

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Before I lock you in the cage slave, I will let you have the last worship moment with my boots. Their shine is just so beautiful that it will make you simply shiver as you are on your fours.We both know how intese your boot fetish is and this makes you totally vulnerable at my booted feet. Wellies and knee high boots in general have that something that  goes deep and reveals your insticts like a pet or those ont he discovery channel.I will tame you of course, the cage is the definite  way to make you go ont he right tracks, get you in shape . Tonight you must give the best of you, try to overcome the teasing obstacles I make you suffer and lick these boots and polish them as what they are: you most beloved treasure. you love how they catch the light. you love everything about them and about Me of course. The idea of having a woman with a short skirt but no underwear on makes your brain fry in  excitement, slave, but no worries, Mistress knows what to do with you. EnJOI the last time you will  worship these boots in freedom, perhaps next time you will be injail and locked with less priviliges and less space to move. #glossywellies #wellingtonboots # povvideo #shortleatherskit #miniskirt #leathergloves #leathercoat

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