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Weak for my brand new hunter boots



Finally Mia has a brand new pair of wellies and today she will do an outboxing of them.

The glossy boots are inmaculate, and ready to be used and you will be a witness of how well they look on her.

The video begins with her hands grabbing the box and slowly examing them, this video has a very slow pace, a relaxed rhythm yet it is intense and seductive.

The sound of the paper, the look of the glossy rubber and Mias eyes will every second.

she slowly takes each boot out and tries them on, she touches them and discover them. The angle and pov changes in different moment which allows you to see every inch of them in different possitions : sitting down, standing up, and you can also see how the light is trapped among the creases of the boots.

This video is for wellies boot lovers and slave Mia’s fans.

210 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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