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Wallet Fuck



As we they talk, you appear and interrupt us to offer some drinks. We accept but we have some other plans for you, tonight. We talk among each other and decide that we want more than a couple of drinks, we really want ALL from you.

We inspect your wallet seaching for some of your belongins and any personal info. We search for your money because that is what we really want from you, that is what you can offer us making us satisfied.

We find your id and all your credit cards. Perfect for the party night we have ahead.

We use our seductive weapons to convince you that giving in and offering us everything is the best.

We tease and play with your senses and trap you in a seductive way closer and closer to us until you have any other chance but say YES.

yes to giving in everything you have.

yes to giving your monthly income.

yes to everything we ask for.

After we have your info and everything we need to use you you are left alone and we have the best night ever.


321 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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