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Underskirt Pleasuredise



your perfect place is right at the level of My boots, you feel good right there don´t you slave? attached to the leash, and guiding you.

The leash will stay during the whole time I am with you.

This long skirt and boots make the perfect combo for you to feel extremely aroused and mentally excited.

I will, yes let you lick these designer boots but only until the hem allows.It will be the frontier, the barrier.

you moan.

The bullwhip is here, always with Me, reminding you the power. An amazing and dangerous threat.

you have asked Me many times to let you be under My skirt, because you need that darkness, slave. Today I am giving you that reward.

I will be letting you pleasure yourself under it, until you explode in the biggest ecstasy you have ever had.

thank Me properly

643 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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