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Underskirt Paradise


  Good evening, I am here to make your rest much better. I take out a bottle with a magic drops to make you feel more relaxed. A very strong powerful effect will act on you making you every time more and more fuzzy, groggy and weaker for me. Today I am in charged of making you rest, your nose will be crunched under my long coat and my long skirt. you see a glimpse of my legs, but above all you can sense my voice and my weight over you. I facesit right on yoru face and you love it. My nylon legs touch your skin, feel them, how soft are them? big time, right ? Take a close look of my beautiful nylon and leather aroma because today it will be your last chance. Get ready to close your eyes and fall into a perfect dreamy night, an eternal one. happy dreams   12:27 314 MB MP4 HD 1080

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