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Training your nose


  This is a training day worshop for you and for your nose. Mistress Reina is is conviced on opening your nostrils, thru this intense aroma. Mistress Reina trains you on how to approach, smell and lick boots but specially on how to smell my leather crotch. It is again a great experience to postrate yourself infront of Me as you follow along the commanding gloved hand and licking where you need to lick, A precious lesson will be taught today, one that you wont forget, one that will be the best ever. The tight pants will show you the most exclusive shape and the movement of the coat will reflect of your face making you more and more delighted. Get ready to open your nostrils my dear pupil, lessons like these ones can't never be missed. This is a POV VIDEO, where you see me wearing my gloves, at the beggining of the clip and I give you glampses of My outfit first with out the coat but then most of the time I wear a coat with out buttoning it completly. Buy this video if you are attracted to My eortic voice, or shpae in jeans and thigh high boots.   11:39 230 MB MP4 HD 1080

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