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Training boots camp


Good Morning slave ! There is no way you can escape from My hands. Step forward and today you will feel what it is to be under the strict power of My presence. As a Supreme Female Woman I remind you you place, I remind you the place your belong. I invite you to kneel down and taste My saliva feel the sweetness of My mouth, like a bitter kiss on valentines day. manĂ¡ of a Goddess. Lick that saliva off from My boots too and then you will feel once again how inferior you are WHEN you Kneel and below Me. There are some other moments, other chances I give you during this time with Me to train how a woman should be treated. A woman should be praised and worshipped and I will teach you. A goddess s boots should be also properly worshipped and devotely respected.   14:05 376 MB MP4 HD 1080

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