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Teasing seductress colleague


In this story we are work colleagues, and today you invited me to have a drink at your place.
Indeed I have always been very nice to you and I saved you from a lot of perilous situations
at the office with our boss.
So, very kindly, you invited me to thank me.
As usual, you look incredibly sexy, with a short skirt, a little top, black stockings and boots and sexy lingerie.
After a few minutes, you find that I'm particularly attracted to you and can't take my eyes off your sexy long legs.
At first you are shocked and angry with me and you let me know.
For my part, I apologize and I confess that I am very attracted to you and that
i have been observing you in the office for a long time.
Finally after reflection, you are rather flattered and the situation is even starting to excite you a little.
And then as I have always been so nice to you, you then decide to reward me.
You then begin a game of seduction, revealing your charms and your beauty a little more, trying to attract me even more"
It is an extreme teasing video where again I take over to bring you closer and closer to My goddess body.   15 343 MB MP4 HD 1080

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