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Slapping Belt Wanking in Chastity Punishment

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First scene : The video starts when I remind you how happy you should be to see Me again. I am sitting downon a tall stool and you are in POV on the floor. I wear a pair of leather trousers, real an din innaculate condition. On the top part I wear a vintage real satin blouse. No jacket, or coat. I chose a pair of ankle boots with clean soles, almost new.   Second scene : I explain Myobjective today. I will be expecting you to wear a chastity device BUT this time I will conduct a JOI. you wanking will be triggered by the osund of the lsapping belt. I chuckle in excitement   Third scene : I start My COUNT DOWN From 20 and as you hear the belt you will start pleasing yourself. Madly. Fighting agains your chastity device. During the count down I move around the area, in fornt of you, sometimes teasing your sight with close ups of My leather bottom or My front. I remain eigther sitting or standing up, sometimes bending over the stool. I let you finsh watching My leather ass.   15:00 201MB MP4 HD 1080

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