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Shrinking Revenge


After finding out instead of working you have been shopping with a blond curvaceous woman I lose my nerves and plan the best revenge ever. A cheating boyfriend is the least I want in my life and to prevent you from cheating again I shrink yo to the smallest object you have ever seen. Even  the heel of my show will be a threaten for you, the bottom of my soles will scare you to despair. I hope you can  cope with it because it will be very exciting for me and it will be day after the other. After teasing and moving you around my delicious nylon body I will open my mouth wide to  start a journey thru my stomach .We will wait and see what will I do to you tomorrow.   ---- Double real nylon layer suspenders , blue lingerie and leather coat with matching gloves. you need this in your life.   17:00 463 MB MP4 HD 1080

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