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Sensual leather party : boots under pants


Gathered here for a private leather party,you come bring your leather and match My outfit. Bring those leathers and wear them for an exciting private fun just you and Me. Boots under the pants, hidding, just to add a bit to the game and make you guess how high is the shaft. can you guess it ? do you know me that well ? Stroke that leather and let me hear it, watch me do it, look how I touch and stroke it right in front of your eyes. 05:00 I remove the coat letting you enjoy my sating lining and revealing my shirt and under bust corset. I GIVE YOU VERY SEXY CLOSE UPS making us more and more aroused. The best part comes when I turn around and you are actually able to see the fememnine curves wrapped the best leather trousers you have ever seen. Soft like butter, perfect for you.   we couldnt end this in a different way but counting.   11:18 302 MB MP4 HD 1080

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