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Secret boots


The video starts with Reina walking into the scene. For the time being, only the top part of her body can be seen. She walks around, telling you how dressed up she is, wearing a button-up blouse tucked into leather pants. She says how the sexy buttons in her shirt, along with it being tucked into shiny leather pants and the long gloves hidden inside her blouse make it a lustful, dressed-up outfit. She twinkles her fingers with her gloved hand, touches parts of her blouse and pants, and says to you, "I've already shown you how dressed I am, but you must be wondering what completes my outfit. That's right, my boots !" She walks around for a bit before sitting down - this is where you can now see her boots. With one leg on top of the other, she wiggles her boot, pushes on her pants and then she uncrosses her legs, putting them both on the ground. She does this several times. Then she does something you've all been waiting for. She slowly lifts her pants, showing that the boots go up to the knee. She takes off her boot, revealing that she is not wearing any socks. She brings both of her boots up and kisses the pointy part. She then puts her boots on her arms like gloves, further kissing and admiring them. After kissing and caressing, she invites you to kiss them, saying, "Kiss my boots, kiss my beautiful smelly boots". Afterwards, she puts them back under her pants, telling you how dressed she is and then walks out.   15:30 306 MB MP4 HD 1080

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