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ReinaLeather in wellies boots special JOI

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THIS VIDEO IS FOR ALL THE WELLIES HUNTER BOOT BITCHES I HAVE CREATED DURING THE YEARS ! They say the calm comes after the storm but wat you are about to find out is that I am the storm. I create that moving heat that is born is your mind and then it moves towards your guts. I create this unbeliable feeling of itching euphoria when I wear My boots. They make you struggle hard and eng up twirling in excitement and frenzy because I really know how to talk to you and where to show. If by any stupid mistake you are not able to focus, the commanding feather crop is here to bring you back to your tracks. hunters, wellies, a spandz top, a soft buy commanding voice, a dirty floor but shiny boots :prepare yourself to burst into this JOI GAME I have prepared for you.   16:54 355 MB MP4 HD 1080

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