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Perfect Leather Sex Mate

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Hi Mrs. Reina, I love your work and I would like to request the following video from you or something that would look like the following description.The video would start with you completely dressed in leather (black leather pants, black leather thigh high boots, black leather shirt, black leather gloves, ..) the more layers you have the better. You start by showing me your outfit with some leather close up and you remove your leather trench coat and extra layer to keep only your leather thigh high boots, leather pants, leather shirt and leather gloves. You tell me how you love leather and what is the effect on you. After some time, you ask me to put on my leather (leather pants, boots, shirt, coat, gloves). You tell me to wear as many layer as I can. During my dressing up, you ask me how it feel to wear leather, how I like it. You tell me how you love a man all dressed up in leather and how it turns you on. You start to tell me that you can see my huge hard on through the leather. You instruct me to touch myself through my leather, to rub my cock and rub my nipples. You are getting horny too and you start touching yourself, we can hear the sound of the leather creaking. You still continue to tell me how you love leather and how you like to rub against a leathered man. While touching yourself, you tell me to get my cock out and start to stroke it. While you tell me how to stroke my cock, you get more and more horny, you show some close up of your leather boots, pants, leathered bum (maybe you can have a huge orgasm or fake it), and you tell me to cum on your boots or on your leather bum or on your lap and you tell me to lick it clean. The video ends with you telling me how you love your leathered sex. 20:00 643 MB MP4 HD 1080  

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