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Owned boot slave:chastity traning



I have finally taken you as a an owned property, a real prey ,servant , naked and ready to use.

I guide this path, I show you the way I want you to go, to act and to feel. I show  you that chasitty is your new style of living and of havng fun.

slave gets on the knees, slave awaits patiently for the commands.slave drools and listens with all the senses. slave is always attentive to what is about to happen.

Denial and daily teasing will be the ingredients for a healthy relationship!

I show you the real new you, one of the best ways of living , its the day one of your new chaste and denied life.

In this video I wear 8 den pantyhose in black , thigh high boots with pink soles, sun glasses a tight short dress and a killer look jacket.

MP4 HD 1080


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