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OTK leather glove spanking

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Mistress Reina, your whole etime Leather Wueen gifts you the opportunity your had been wantung during a few years. you have the honour today to be at ther booted feet watching her wear the opera length gloves she will use to spank your bare bottom.   Long roral leather gloves on her powerful hands ready to give you what you deserbe, a red bottom. It will be a spanking, as you lay over her leather lap, basically the most exciting thought. She previously stuffed your ass with a small pin on you butt chick to get you ready and going. For aftercare she lets you feel the smell of her skirt, witha leather coat over your head like a warm arousing vapor bath . She takes care of you so well Just imagine, feeling all that leather,  and having your face rub her wide ling skirt.You have been so blessed today. CLICK TO DISCOVER MORE : #leathergloves #longleatherskirt #hiddenboots #operagloves  

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