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Obsessed 4 boots


Hello Boot Boi, we are here gathered to spend some quality time for this I have prepared a lovely game . Lets begin by removing these boots to let you get the aroma of my nylon feetĀ  and you will watch me wear another pair , this time a longer pair witht he back zipper you love the most. We both know how much you drool for these, how obsessed you are for them and today you will show Me how much ou love them.This is an immersive experience under My teasing control, obey My every order immediatel This is a game where you will need a pair of boots . Make sure you follow along each second and do as you are told. I will make you totally obsessed to Me and to my 4 boots.My boot slave, stroking as you stare at My boots. These boots you would do anything to kiss, lick and worship every inch. your leaking cock is My toy, and I'm in the mood to play... Crawl over here boot slave. Jerk, obey! This is a video perfect for boots fetishists I wear very tight #jeans , leather boots, ankle boots and a vintage #leatherjacket during the whole time

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