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Nylon Leg Proximity


Hello there ! I can see in your face you are so melting for Me, I know what you want. Look how I pull down that zipper after a long day wearing these thigh high boots, and then imagen the smell of My nylon foot. I pull the golden zipper slowly just to keep you interested and excited, obviously, that its My main purpose. This is a mesmerizing sight and I'll play with it. My main objective is to keep you hangind from the tread, swinging form the curves of My leg, My nylon legs and captivate you. We both know how amazing you think I am and it conditionates you to fall for Me, my legs and My black nylon toes. The transparence is everything for you now stay right on My thighs and take a deep breath, Ill remove all the breath from your lungs.   9:29 min 257 MB MP4 HD 1080

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