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Nver ending boots


After giving you multiple leather boss punishments, Reina tries on another approach. She decides to go easy on you, becoming all lovey-dovey and seductive. Sitting down, she gets you into a gooning trance, hoping that you become fully attracted to her dressed-up outfit. Here's how she then does: First, she teases her boots. She lifts up one of her pant legs to show that her boots actually go up way up past her knee. She can't pull up her pant leg any further, so she then drops her pant leg. Next, she teases her gloves, though before she teased you before, you know she has really long gloves. But it's important that she tells you that they indeed go way past the elbow as can clearly be seen. Then she pulls back on her button-up shirt sleeves to cover the gloves. Reina taunts you after showing you this, whipping you a few times with her cane. She then rubs all over her shirt and pants, arousing you to the sound of her leather. She says how she is literally the sexiest boss with the sexiest, most dressed-up clothing ever. You are especially aroused by her button-up shirt, saying how the buttons plus the leather make you pop really hard. While she is showing off her buttons, she lifts up her boot pants every now and then to remind you of her super tall boots, moving and crossing her legs. All of this subtle boot teasing makes you more desperate to find out how tall her boots are. You then think of a genius idea to see how high Reina's boots are. You ask her to stand, unzip and lower her pants, which she does quite slowly and sexily. You also start wondering how far tucked in the button-up shirt is - it does go down quite a lot. Her shirt does end, but then you see her boots - surprise, the boot shaft still hasn't stopped! You then ask her to slowly starts lifting her shirt up, which she does a bit to tease you, but even that doesn't seem to reveal the end of those boots. She quickly drops it and brags about how she is literally wearing the tallest boots you've ever seen, revealed in plain sight. There is no need to show the end of the boot shaft as there is truly no end and could possibly go on forever. As she puts her pants back on again, you are in utter disbelief - she is literally, completely and utterly dressed up in full leather from the chest down. Only Reina's face and the open collar of her shirt are left alone - everything else is 100% doused in leather. She then punishes you greatly for daring to look, but this time, you are completely willing to submit, as now you've seen it all.

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