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Neighbour Sissy Maker


I am your neighbour and I find an excuse to make you come in my house. You are a virgin man with zero possibility with Me and I will convice you that sex was not made for you. Your sexual lifeĀ  will start now and it will be to become a sissy slut fucked in your whore mouth. I make it clear to you, sex was not for you, after all you are hairless and with no luck with women. Instead, I make you strip naked to make you dress up as a sissy whore . I will teach you how to suck how to become a very horny anal babe for Me. I will fuck all your holes and take pictures and keep them with me, compromising pictures that in caseĀ  you dont do what I tell you, will be shared with your beloved family. #blackmail fantasy #roleplay # oralservitude #virginhumilliation

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