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Mental Fuck 1080



I discover you have been following Me so I keep you with me for some time to wash your brain, so suggestive and so easy to manipulate now.

I use the power tools to conquer, to invade, step by step your mind with My gracious movement and sensuality. I sweat passiona nd I let you drink it.

Me legs and upskirt spin your inner self to a great state of health and wellness but at the same time of total desperation, but yes, you like it so much.

Come to Me, stay right below Me, at the high of My ankles and tell Me how long are you willing to wait to see what other treasures I have for you.

you will come back home but not before learning a new mantra, that will attach you to My life for ever.

mind fucked in black transparence and extreme close ups to drive you insane

420 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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