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Maniac Striptease


The video will be in 3 parts. Part 1 is you sitting down or standing up in front of the camera dressed in normal everyday clothing, you pretend I'm behind the camera and you are talking to me, You introduce yourself and then you talk about yourself and why you love leather why it is sexy for you, you then talk about why you are excited you are to make a striptease video. Part 1 is only 1 minute longPart 2 is edited clips of you getting dressed up into your outfit for the striptease, clips of you putting on make up, applying oil on your skin, putting on your thongs, leather pants, jacket, gloves and hat. You then give a little dance as you smile, then last clip is you standing next to the wall close to the camera and you say "Okay, now I'm ready," you then take a breath, smile and say "Lets get the show started." you wink and leave the room.Part 3 is the striptease video. it is 10 minutes long. You dance around the room in a really wild and sexy way, dancing to old rock music.  You take off hat first, mess up your hair and then take off jacket. Each time you take off your pants and thongs, you turn around and show your back to the camera. You strip down to your last gstring and bra. (not naked)   15:00 299 MB MP4 HD 1080

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