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Length Analyst :shoe ware session



This pantyhose analyst meets with you to take the regarding measurements,this time using different shoe ware. A sexy statuesque being who overwhelms your brain

chest and crotch.

Her only obsessive  purpose is to make you grow bigger as time passes, she wants to be sucessful and she will be. She measures it to make sure you improve.She just

wants to see the reaction.

Personally you feel her power second by second and you follow her orders of course.  you dont have any other option but follow the lines at the back of her legs.

It is a seduction game but she beleives its science, but who cares whats the truth?! She is having so much fun that you will just follow her lead and you will be

rewarded for it


This video contains high erotic content with no hard core femdom dialogue. It is more erotic than anything else but with the touch that characterizes most of My videos. Im the leader.

I wear most of the time the same outfit buy vary My shoe ware :high heels, ankle boots and knee high boots.



MP4 HD 1080


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