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Legs, foot facesitting fetish


your leg and foot fetish has brought you to Me today. I will be exploring how far you can get for my long bare  legs and my  feet, so move here and massage My soles, they are tired and need some care. Now I am very important to you , my lips, my body, my legs and My feet are your priority! I know that you will understand it, just worship them the best way possible. Completely seduced by My powerful soles you have become My personal foot slave. I am relaxing with My bare feet up and I know how much it teases you! What an honour it would be for you to give Me a nice long, oily foot massage. you wish to sniff, kiss and lick My soft soles so bad. you're getting weaker and weaker. you end up under my glossy bottom intoxicated with my scent. 18 minutes 379 MB MP4 HD 1080

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