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Leather layers : boot tease


Long leather skirt A sheer top A pair of designer's leather boots you tru your best to see under her skirt but it seems impossible. you wish she would wear another of layer and she like a touch of magic does it. A pair of designer boots are the first image you see. An amazing teasing moment where you are an observer, a perfect voyeur under her skirt, in front of her. you see her walk back and forth. you try to see her complete beauty but she is always removing that privilige, she is fast. your heart speeds up as she pulls the skirt up and she lets you see more of those boots. you need more, you think and feel your do. wait patiently. She pulls the end of her skirt with her riding crop a nice game you enjoy. you just hope she lets you discover more of those teasing boots. This video ends as seh adds another layer, a long leather coat over all that wide leather skirt. It is like an awesome dreamed sight. The cherry over the cake of your fantasy.   This video was filmed by Me, Reina leather   10:12 274 MB MP4 HD 1080

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