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Leather date : libido control



Our first date and I know already what its good for you. I have convinced you to wear this small device as preliminar games. I want to teach you this new game and it will.
It happens that I have decided to tease and deny you the whole night, this has a purpose, to reshape your flirty behaviour towards women and also to remind you that I need always want better for Me. I deserve a better size !!! Look at that !
You feel the metal vibrate against your thobing hardness making you feel so tight and desperate for Me. you are desperate for touching Me, for feeling Me, and finally have sex with Me. My plans are different : you feel My tease in chastity for a long time, until tomorrow, perhaps ? Or maybe the following day ? We will see !

199 MB
MP4 HD 1080


I am not around at the moment.I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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