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Hunter´s refreshing Puddle



This video features a beautiful misterious woman walking with her shiniest glossy Hunters at the park. The light of the sun hits the boots creating that flickering rainbow of lust.

she wears a pair of jodhpurs, extremely shaped to her legs, making her look attractive and very secure of herself.

she knows she gets all the looks of the paddle players nearby.

she likes it.

Teasing them and you with her glossy shine, she decides to approach to a small puddle, a natural one formed by the water fountain.

Playing and splashing the water, her boots get a bit muddy which requieres an inmediate clease with fresh water right from the fountain.

Would you dare to help her clean her boots ?

Watch this amazing video done at the park  surrounded but loud  parakeets ! haha


  299 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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