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Humilliatrix Girlfriend


As your girlfriend call you because Ive  made a discovery today on the attic.Found out a bag, a package prepared for your mistress:  a cap, gloves and a jacket! An angry woman can do crazy things your know that!! Since you are in need of some spice in your life I will be your humilliatrix, Ill make you beg for sex while you are caged in chastity, naked and used on the floor, sliding like a little worm. you were only born to be dominated and made fun of little d* g! A boot bitch in chasitty,  aoerced to drink my saliva and nothing else!!! you spend the nights in your house that is your new cage and wait until I come back form having fun. you will be taught how to worship my bottom, my ass in these tight jeans, and these royal boots. Forget about your mistress I am the only ruler of your life and find pleasure in your new manhood.
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