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Hot socks boot worship :Edging


I will make these socks as steamy as possible as I edge you with all my femenine powers. The first part of the video I wear my socks and make you smell them, then you become a boot assistant and help me pull them up. The back zipper is not very easy to pull up today. As the boots are up I move closer and wear my gloves, short and black, right in front of your face. What a lovely sight, boots to smell and glove to feel in your mouth. As I stand up my bottom part comes to live and you  are allowed, my loyal servant to worship all that leather. The pockets are exposed and I beginf a little JOI teasing game with them. you grow bigger for Me. All of that is mine, I have built it and your erection belongs to Me. I own it. you will continue edging as you see my hips sway in the air and my waist makes your mind spin in big circles. Buy these video if you are an obedient leather and boot worshipper of female power. The language is soft but demanding .   13:00 265 MB MP4 HD 1080

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