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Home boy toy

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My lovely partner I have been waiting for you all this time: preapred a lovely dinner, candles and got some gifts for you. No sex today eventhou I know thats you want. we will change the roles¬† instead I want you to wear that female outfit I have chosen for you. Leather of course! I TOTALLY LOVE HOW YOU LOOK! I will be making you wear that chastity¬† belt, and I have some convincing tricks to make you do exactly what I want, at least today. do not remove the chastity cage, leave it on and I will guide from today till the end of etrnity. you are my new home sisy boy toy.   you wont be able to refuse my sensual and challenging porposal and you will do it for me. I tell you exactly how things will go from now on with me and what will be your duties at home.

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