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Hidden Boots


Reina the Leather Queen wears leather pants, a leather blazer and a shiny button-up blouse with a scarf/cravat underneath. The top couple of buttons are left open so you can see the scarf. She also wears extremely tall sexy boots that go over the knee inside those pants. Smelling a bottle/tub of vinegar, she smiles and rubs a bit of it across her clothes. She teases you by slowly lifting one of her vinegared pant legs up, but just before the end of the boot, she quickly drops the pant leg while waving her finger at you in disapproval. But rest assured the boots certainly go over the knee and also no socks. At certain points Reina puts on some gloves and takes her jacket off, so you can hear the stimulating sounds that are made by leather rubbing on leather. Reina also gives a close-up of her shirt collar and buttons, fiddling with them. Through all of this, she constantly taunts you, making you lust for more.   13:45   230 MB MP4 HD 1080

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