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Haunted by My Hunters


These wellies Hunters boots will definetly take over you, look at their shine and how I tease your mind with them. you have been trying to search for someone that could really use them as a powerful tool but you havent been able to find someone as good as Me. I am a professional Hunter of your mind and your sex.   I am the only person who can satisfy your desire for these boots. I am going to take over your mind. You don't stand a chance with me wearing these boots. You are going to be completely under my control. You will never be able to escape the need for me in my Hunters. My boots to make you absolutely weak for me.   About this fetish clip: This video has a lot of close ups with aritificial light, lots of rubbing and making them soud I show My lovely legs, with no pantyhose, my shape and lots of teasing poses. I use the riding crop and I slap my Hunters with it. I stand, sit and pose with them. 18 minutes 862 MB MP4 HD 1080

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