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Gooning Milker - Holidays Special Outfit


A walk around the countryside, has brought Me to you. I like this smell of fresh air at a farm with lots of wild pets like you. I have been told you have got milk.Nice thick milk for Me. Im here to stimulate you, guide you and play with your merchandise that for today it will be mine. Like a cow you are about to explode, the veins are thickering for Me, so its your desire. Perhaps you will just want to orgams after feeling the softness of My bottom, but if you do there will be consequences. Just focus in making me happy and feeling the warm rush all over your body.   I want to wamr you up, and probably you think you have a good warm mil for Me but I am the only one who decides if you can spill it. Lets avoid the orgams, lets avoid wasting all that liquid and instead I edge you insanly. My voice, energy and body make you feel those goose bumps you love and that make your day better. During this visit, I tempt you with My classic pocket leather pants right over your face and My long leather gloves. I prefer you to goon the whole time, to build up that energy until next time I come to visit you and then I might let you spray your precious male pet juice over the ground.   10:09 300 MB MP4 HD 1080

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