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Fuck your hand : Boots game


Hello Boot Bitch. This game that the 3 of us can have fun. Listen carefully to my instructions and follow the commands they involve these boots of course .  It will be very entertaining, promised. The thigh high boots are your weakness and today you will have your reward. Grovel before My Divine Boots and focus on nothing but My instructions, slave. Today is your lucky day... you are going to show Me how desperate you have been. Denied for so long, you will finally get to stroke as you worship My shiny leather boots and Stop when you see Isabella´s . On your knees as you jerk to My command. Stroke desperately, harder, stroke for these boots you long to kiss. Counting you down to the edge, keeping you there and taunting your helpless desire. you'll do anything for Me.  Anything I please. you're going to cum how and when I say.   15:00 MP4 HD 1080

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