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Five aprons Extractions

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I will walk into the frame wearing an apron and holding a report.
"welcome to my lab, today I'll be taking multiple samples from you" (seductively making handjob motions).
"I bet you are wondering why am wearing this apron? Things can sometimes get a bit messy here."
"It says here that you have a fetish for aprons? Like the one I am wearing? Well, I happen to have a collection of them just for you..."
I will walk over and pick up the other aprons off screen. I will have them drapped over my arm and I  will ask.
"So, which one do you want to cum on?"
The rest of the video, l model the aprons from all angles.(video shows me head to toe).
Its all about light tugging, rubbing, and playing with the apron material and showing my wellies boots

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