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Finger Trampling Mistress


This video begins with Mistress Reina sitting down with her boot onone hand, getting ready to wear it. You have been chosen today to serve her. From below its possible to see the shine of her pantyhosed legs and then how second by second it its covered by the leather layer OF THE BOOTS you have recently bought for her. Mistress Reina is thankful and excited and for this she makes a decision that you were not expecting: you will give her part of your pain, some marks on your hands and for this you will need to extend flat on the floor offering you fingers. you see some hands on the scene, and how she deliciously tramples and lets those hands caress her heels Later the POV moves where you can only place yourself,under her colored soles. Pointy and dangerous. you are later gifted with a whole view of her legs, thighs, tight shorts from below bursting into an incredible ecstasy that you, by the way agreed to clean off with your mouth.   19:21 590 MB MP4 HD 1080

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