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Extremely edged by My black leather look

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This is an important moment for you, finally you are again with Me and you know very well that I love when you beg. Begging brings you closer to My body, try it, try doing as you are told and you will see the beautiful results. Giving in, begging and aching is the only way to be together. you're on your knees where you have the perfect view of My divine shiny ass. Edging is the bridge ! Im ready to tease you until it hurts, get ready for it.   If I feel it is not enough I will ask you to start again. I love it. Lets relapse. Edge, leak and ache to worship. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS JOI, SOME MILD VERBAL HUMILLIATION AND A LOT OF TEASING. I wear the outfit throuout the whole video.   12:25   122 MB MP4 HD 1080

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