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Evil Queen

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It´s the season to be evil and jolly about it. The evil queen is here ,you have been summoned to the High Majesty home for an obligatory meeting. you have been a follower but lately your services have been slacking. Some of the Witch's have complained about your poor service and declining obedience and The High Majesty Evil Queen has decided on your fate. Filled with suspense, you walk up to Her door. She makes you choose a candy to celebrate the scarey season .A candy that will transform choose the red candy, red that will match your red leash , and red as the red flesh on  your hands . She is so distracting, so enchanting... So mesmerizing... you start to feel your heart pound, slowly, feeling your body tingling. Feeling so heavy, falling so deeply. Deeper, down to Her shiny, pointy, wondrous , powerful  leather boots. . Eyes open to find yourself closer to Her . How could you ever forget your place? Well, you'll never make that mistake again. Sealing the spell, accepting your fate. you breathe in deeper and deeper and feel immense pleasure rushing over you, causing a sudden painful sensation as your hands show and receive the strapping punishment . you continue to lick the tall heel as you are commanded. Knowing She owns your mind, body and soul - your pleasure and pain. you repeat your vow as you receive the sacramental punishment Witch Queen's shining dark lips. you will prove your obedience now, slave. -This video is a POV MEANING THERE IS NO ONE ELSE ACTING WITH ME INT HIS VIDEO.- #long leatherboots #longleatherskirt #stockings #witch #tawse #pov

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