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Erotic Pages : boots under pants



Reina wears a full outfit with a suit, shirt with necktie, gloves pants and boots. As she walks into her office, she became pretty frustrated and tired, knowing that she will have a tiring day. She sits at her desk and complains that she has a lot of work to do.

In order to distract her from the monotony of work, she reaches for a book on the desk. As she turned the pages of the book, she couldn’t help but be aroused by the sounds that she makes as she turns the pages of the book. The sound is just so relaxing and stimulating that she forgot about the work she needed to do. She lost track of time, completely absorbed in sound for the pages turning in front of her.

After a few moments of turning those pages, she realises that she is getting pretty hot. As such, she takes off her jacket, gloves and tie, all done facing the camera. As she does this, she smiles and says how exciting it must be to see her take off some of her clothes and seeing the buttons on her sexy shirt.

As she takes off these pieces of clothing, she says that you want to see the sexy buttons of her shirt and strokes her hands over them. You can also see her legs crossed over, as you see them swinging around and those boots peeking out. She then teases you a little bit, lifting up the pant legs slightly up to show off a bit of those boots.

Reina found herself turning those pages some more. The sounds of the book were a welcome escape from the boredom of the office, anticipating each sound of the pages turning. However, the day was about to end, and Reina has to pack up. She puts back on her jacket, gloves and tie, then stands up and leaves the office.

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