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Double Hunters Boot Party


It is time for a party in Hunter boots ! The video strts with Nella and Reina laughing out loud. Nella is already wearing the red wellies and some seconds later, Reina wear hers on camera. Nella explores how the boots reflect the boot, how they catch the rays of light.She likes. you can tell during the whole video that they like and enjoy the moment. Reina and Nella place their boots over the chair and  hit the feather whip agains the boot. After posing several different ways with the boots they both start goofing and showing off their boots. To end the video Reina takes you into a stroking path as she moves them and enchants you slowly. Almsot at the ned nella joins her to see you explode. The last two minutes of video is a moment  after  the video filming when they were taking some pics.   12:43   422 MB MP4 HD 1080

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