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Double extreme penis humilliation


Reina leather and Nella Shine meet this time for a naughty date with you. you paid to be with us and have some time since you have wanted us to rate your cock. Finally they gave you the chance to do it and you are commanded to take out your sex. As the zipper comes down and it comes out they knew this is going to be fun time. Reina laughs histerically at you. Nella almost fell from her chair as she saw you. you are a joke. Reina commands Nella to take a metric tape and measure your cock and she tells you how long should be a cock for her to like it. The video witnesses how Reina and Nella punish you for being so small, extremelly microscopic small. So small that even after wearing a pair of glasses they couldnt even notice your lousy loser's sex. POV VIDEO for small dick losers   9:56 min 226 MB MP4 HD 1080

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