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Dirty boot slave punishment



You wear a pair of your sexiest over-the-knee leather boots
A hot leather skirt,
A rough looking biker leather jacket
Underneath the leather jacket, just a sexy lingerie top or bra.
You hold a whip in your leather gloved hand.

You enter the room

You are disappointed because your boot-slave have done a real bad job with your exclusive boots.
“Look at my boots, look how dirty they are, do you think you have done a good job slave ? Is this how you want to treat your supreme owner slave ?”  you say – when you at the same time impatiently slap on the side of your boots with your whip.
(I love the sound when your whip hit the leather)
As the second layer of leather, you slowly take on your leather coat, you keep it open and just tie it with a belt, so I can still see all your amazing shiny leather underneath.
Again you pull up in your collar while you sniff in the wonderful scent of your leather. I can clearly see in your beautiful eyes how the scent of your exclusive leather increases your wonderful sadism.
You slowly let your saliva dripping down in the dirt on the tiles, then after your squeeze it with the sole of your leather boots.
I now laying on the hard tiles, looking up underneath your boots. “lick my soles clean slave, prove to me that I shall not just sell you on the slave-market, there is thousands of slaves that will do anything to take your place underneath my boots” You say while you press the tip of your boots, into my mouth, and start slapping cheeks with your whip. You squeeze the dirt and saliva all over my face. The taste of your boots and dirt is incredible, and the sight of you above me, is the most beautiful sight I can ever dream about. I’m completely in heaven underneath your amazing boots. “enough slave – follow me again” you comm


14 minutes
507 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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