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Dangerous Lips :enslaved



your business partner invites you for some drinks to celebrate and talkk about the recent sucess of your coolaboration.

As time passes you seem to feel flirtatious and She follows the flow , little you know that it will be the beginning of an almost unrealistic toxic relationship and bond

where you will be  enslaved economically and emotionally. Drinking from Her lips  will trigger your reaction: tangled mentally with the perfect shape of a powerful

woman in complete leather outfit and over the knee boots, a dream outfit.

Everything is worth it just to be in Her realm and stop being a lone wolf.

Watch Her mouth  from very close and feel how she convinces you into a manipulative festivity that will finish with you broke and mindless.


This video contains soft core female domination dialogue, some close ups of open button high collared shirt, great sound .

It is a POV video wit lots of different scenes standing up sitting down , and on My back . This video is NOT suitable if you dont have a submissive soul.

My microphone can be seen in some parts , sorry for that, but its the only way to create a good sound effect.

I wearing real leather jacket, cotton tight shirt, extremely soft and real NEW skirt.


MP4 HD 1080


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