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Corrupted Teacher





Arriving punctual to class means coming on the exact time not after nor before.Unluckly you have caught Me with some toys on the floor and drinking a beer.

Since you are already here you keep Me company and spend the last minutes,so step in and sit on the floor, woud you?

The sweet dangling of My high heel foot soothes you and My speech leads you into a hurricane of foot fetish adventure and sensuality.

The crossing and uncrossing, the upksirt teasing will be your improvise class today all of this staying in complete chasitty for me this time.



This video is orientated to foot fetishists,and the rest of subs I play w ith My feet and dangling shoes back and forth.The sound is so amazing you can hear My

cracking leather skirt as I move. I keep the whip very near all the time and caress it once in a while.

I wear stockings and a new leather skirt.

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